Your Talent

Talent is your coaches, former coaches, and famous alumni

Activate exists to create revenue opportunities for University Athletic Departments and their coaches and alumni through corporate appearances


Your Partnership

A partnership between your University and Activate boosts:


Generate untapped streams of revenue by connecting your University’s coaches and alumni with corporate brands to create paid appearance opportunities

Brand Exposure

Increase positive exposure through public, private, and corporate appearances


Activate handles the entire talent and appearance process from managing leads to handling talent and closing the deal



A request for talent comes in through the University or Activate


Activate manages all of the following processes for the University and talent


  • Determine fee, type of event, location, and talent needed
  • Coordinate with talent to secure type of event, date, time, location, and fee
  • Generate contract for request and confirmation
  • Receive contract and deposit. University is paid commission
  • Pre-event coordination with company and talent
  • Follow up a week before event to see if everything is on schedule. Activate's final payment is received

Day Of Event

  • Talent is paid at the event
  • Follow up with company to explore additional events, sponsorships, or other University opportunities