A partnership between your University and Activate boosts:


Generate untapped streams of revenue by connecting your University’s coaches and alumni with corporate brands to create paid appearance opportunities

Brand Exposure

Increase positive exposure through public, private, and corporate appearances


Activate handles the entire talent and appearance process from managing leads to handling talent and closing the deal

Let's Work Together

  1. Management of talent and appearance services
  2. Sales of services
  3. Operational fulfillment of services including, but not limited to:
  • Management of talent
  • Registration of coaches and alumni
  • Invoicing and collection of appearance fees
  • Payments to athletic department, coaches, and alumni
  • Logistics and operational execution of appearances and activations
  • Coordination with athletic department and other rights holders

Active Financial Model

For this service, Activate will partner with your athletic department on a commission basis. The financial agreement for these services will be:

  • Athletic Department receives 10% of Gross fee;
  • Talent receives 75% of Net fee*;
  • Activate receives 25% of Net fee.
  • (*Net fee = 90% of Gross fee)

Fee Structure

GROSS FEE for event or appearance: $30,000

10% ($3,000) Athletic Department

NET FEE remaining: $27,000

75% Net fee ($20,250) Talent

25% Net fee ($6,750) Activate